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CEO / Co-Founder

As the leader of our company, Emre helps tringle to reach its future goals. Based on his 10 years of experience in financial software analyst and unique crypto market speciality, we are proud to have him here.

Samet Yazak

CTO  / Co-Founder

Samet is the lead technical stuff in our squad. His dream is to create state of the art software for tringle. He has been developing software in 10+ years for both domestic and international financial corporates.

Ozan Boz

Software Architect  / Co-Founder

Ozan is promising prodigy of our team and does what he does best for tringle; software development. His passion for software led him to create many critical products since 2017 and we hope for many more to come.

Burcu Yazak

Product Manager

Meet Burcu Yazak, the powerhouse behind our banking projects. With many years of hard work in banks, Burcu brings massive expertise to the table.  Her energy and kind-hearted nature impacts on every member of our team and makes them a better team member.

Bülent Coşan

Software Developer

At the start of his career, Bulent showed a lot of potential. His vision is same up with Tringle. We are really lucky that he is the first member of our team. Additionally he is a supporter of LFC .​

Can Güven

Business Analyst

Can is customer oriented and determined. As Tringle, we will further expand the  satisfaction of our customers and partnersand business quality with his expertise.


Emre Öztürk

Junior Software Developer

Emre Öztürk is one of our recent graduates with a passion for learning and a determined approach to his work. Eager to dive into process of software development, Emre brings a fresh perspective and a strong programming skills to our team


Abdussamet Karadeniz

Junior Software Developer

Abdussamet Karadeniz is a disciplined and hardworking individual who brings a high level of dedication to his role as a Software Engineer. His commitment to continuous improvement makes it valuable to our team.


Kürşat Arslan

Junior Software Developer

Kürşat Arslan is a junior software developer with a quiet determination that speaks volumes. His dedication and ambition help him to be successful. We are fortunate to have Kürşat as a part of our team, and we look forward to witnessing his continued growth and achievements in the field of software development.


Okan Yazak

Software Tester

When it comes to testing, Okan is the man to ensure our software meets the highest standards. Okan doesn't hesitate to put in the hours, day and night, to get the job done. There is no doubt that he has even more to offer. With Okan on our team, our code is in good hands

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-02 at 10.40.52.jpeg

Selda Yalçın

Branch Manager, Tokat

Selda Yalçın is our dedicated Branch Manager in Tokat. With a wealth of experience and great attention to detail, she oversees all branch operations and ensures clockwork management.

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Yavuz Yalçın

Partner & Engineering Maestro

Meet Yavuz Yalçın, experienced developer, network wizard with a sense of humor that can light up any room.  With a major experience and talent in engineering, Yavuz is vital to our technical operations. His infectious laughter and surprise jokes keep the team in high spirits, even during the most challenging projects and times. We can confidently say that he is glue that holds our multi-regional team together, in harmony and collaboration. We are lucky to have him here.


Ecem Okul

Business Analyst

Ecem is the newest addition to our team, and we are excited to welcome her on board. With her fresh perspective and enthusiasm, we have no doubt that she will bring a great energy to our analyst team.

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