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Süleyman Emre Yılmazel

CEO / Co-Founder

As the leader of our company, Emre helps tringle to reach its future goals. Based on his 10 years of experience in financial software analyst and unique crypto market speciality, we are proud to have him here.


Samet Yazak

CTO  / Co-Founder

Samet is the lead technical stuff in our squad. His dream is to create state of the art software for tringle. He has been developing software in 10+ years for both domestic and international financial corporates.


Ozan Boz

Software Architect  / Co-Founder

Ozan is promising prodigy of our team and does what he does best for tringle; software development. His passion for software led him to create many critical products since 2017 and we hope for many more to come.


Bülent Coşan

Software Developer

At the start of his career, Bulent showed a lot of potential. His vision is same up with Tringle. We are really lucky that he is the first member of our team. Additionally he is a supporter of LFC .


Emrullah Akbulak

Jr. Software Developer

Emrullah is the newest member of our team. Hunger to learn new things is one of the most powerful weapon of him. We believe that Tringle can achieve more with his skills.